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Manuals & Recommendations -

Limestone, Marble, Terrazzo & Travertine Restoration

Our Performance Diamond Tool Products are cost-effective and
easy to use. They maintain the stone's durability and natural look,
while providing quality shine, high gloss finish.

Surface Preparation -

Marble is a soft stone and can be damaged by dirt and other
materials that scratch its surface. It can also be damaged by wax
buildup or by using the wrong cleaning chemicals. Foot traffic, acidic cleaners, cola, coffee, fruit juice and wine dull and etch the stone.
The depth and richness of a high gloss polish finish is achieved by
mechanically re-polishing the stone using diamond abrasives.

Before you begin - make sure you know the type of stone you are dealing with. Prepare the surface for polishing by stripping any layers
of finish, crystallizers or wax if any has been previously applied.

Grinding, Honing and Polishing -

Once the initial preparation of the floor has been done, the surface
can be honed and polished to the desired gloss finish. You begin the
process with the lowest grit/mesh (diamond per sq. inch) available.

If there is a lippage present (installations with lipps among the tiles
with a height of up to 1mm are acceptable and in compliance with the
standards of the Marble, Tile and Terrazzo Association)
it will be wise
to use more aggressive diamond tools such as our
Sintered Metal Bond
Diamond Superabrasive Tools
or the VTS Metal Bond Diamond Discs.

VTS stands for Vacuum Technology Solutions.

It is a diverse, revolutionary new technology that we have developed
in response to the growing demand for more efficient and cost-effective
diamond tooling. Briefly, the brazing process consists of mixing different
grits of pre-sintered diamonds with various types of metal alloys, which
when placed under high temperature and 'attacked' with certain levels
air pressure in a vacuum environment, creates enhanced metal bond
diamond matrix.

The newly developed Vacuum Brazed Diamond Metal Bond is stronger
than any other metal bonding agent known to the entire stone industry.
It reduces significantly the End-user cost by allowing efficient and rapid
grinding & polishing in less time.

The Vacuum Brazed Diamond Tools substitute the Electroplated Diamond
Tools in all means of grinding and polishing.

For your convenience the VTS BullCat & Turbocat Diamond Discs are
available in 3" ( 76mm) and 4" (100mm) diameter. Rigid, velcro backed.

Grits: 50, 100, 200 and 325 mesh. Dry and wet use.

Designated for light lippage removal and fast leveling.

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You continue through the honing & the polishing process using
the Resin Bond Diamond Abrasives in 6 to 8 easy steps, depending
on the current condition of the outstanding application.

Marble, Limestone and Travertine should be maintained with a pH

Granite stones are much denser and abrasive. Once a granite floor
has been polished and sealed with impregnating sealer - the surface
should be maintained (cleaned) on a daily/weekly basis using
stone cleaner

All natural stone flooring will need to be re-honed and re-polished at
some point and a
maintenance schedule should be established in order
to prevent further damage.

Resin Bond Diamond Discs -

Standard, to be used in conjunction with Marble and/or Terrazzo
polishing compound!

5mm thick Rosex Rigid Diamond Discs -
45 degrees beveled leading edge

3" ( 76mm) and 4" (100mm) diameter

5mm thick Turbo-Spiral Rigid Diamond Discs -
45 degrees angle beveled leading edge

3" ( 76mm) and 4" (100mm) diameter

9mm thick Typhoon Segmented Rigid Diamond Discs -
45 degrees angle beveled leading edge

Guaranteed to last 10 000 sq.f. / 1000 m2

3" ( 76mm) and 4" (100mm) diameter

All diamond discs are available in wide range of Grits :

30, 50, 120, 220, 400, 600, 800, 1800, 3500, 8500 mesh (color coded)

Standard Set consist of 6 (six) diamond discs -

Grits sizes: 50, 120, 220, 400, 800, 1800 mesh

Approximate cost per 1 sq.f. / 1 m2 -
0,06 USD to 0,11 USD / Per m2 - 0,64 USD to 1,12 USD

If used 6pcs per grit size (3"/76mm diameter) at an average weight
of 20lb-24lb (9kg-10,5kg) per disc at 145 - 320 RPM. Depending on
the particular floor application and type of diamond discs used.

Average working life -
6700 sq.f. to 12500 sq.f. / 650 m2 - 1200 m2

Evaluation tests performed on Carrara Bianco and Terrazzo.

Right After -

You continue by buffing the floor with a polishing paste/powder or
by applying a spray-buffing technique using a wax-free crystallizer and
a steel wool pad. Non-woven white floor pad may be used as well. The
non-woven pads eliminate the rust stains that may occur with a steel
wool pad. However you may use steel wool to speed-up the process.

Furthermore the floor should be sealed with good penetrating sealer.
That will reduce the maintenance costs, eliminate the stripping need
and provide a stain & slip-resistant, durable high gloss finish.

For Granite applications we recommend the advanced FGS and RRD
Resinoid Floor Refinishing Diamond Discs
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(FGS and RRD Diamond Floor Restoration System)

We guarantee the performance and the results - deep mirror finish,
Gloss height of over 90 units gloss reading.

On Granite you should go to the highest and the finest diamond grit
steps due to the dense nature of these type of stone.

Detailed information on Granite Works is available at the Tech-Notes &
End-user Manuals Section
(click to enter).

Your Satisfaction as a Valuable Customer is our corporate goal. We
are constantly improving sales, service and support to better suit your
needs. If you need an additional information, wish to purchase samples
for evaluation purposes or if you have any other inquires, please find
our telephone, fax number and e~mail address enclosed.

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