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Floor Restoration & Surface Preparation
From rough grinding and lippage removal through honing and polishing
to a high gloss natural finish - Concrete, Granite, Marble & Terrazzo

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Fully equipped with state-of-the-art professional floor restoration
equipment and backed with over 15 (fifteen) years of combined experience
in the Dimensional Stone trade and the Abrasive Industry, All Stone offers
a complete solution for all your natural stone and concrete needs

- Quality Products, Reliable Service & Guaranteed Performance -

Charge-free test & estimate and detailed diagnosis & evaluation
of your natural stone floor (commercial or residential)
Professional Restoration and Preservation -
Lowest cost in the stone industry!

- Specialty stone-care products -

Serpentine (Verde Marble) Floor Restoration
Pure mechanical, dust-free diamond grinding, honing and polishing -
50 to 3500 mesh RRD Series Professional Dia-superabrasives
in conjunction with abrasive polishing compound

No crystallizer, no wax, no topical or any other coatings!
HORIBA Gloss Meter
Pure, natural high gloss finish - Gloss reading 82 units
Measurement done using Alpha Professional Gloss Checker

Advanced Diamond Tools

Diamond Tool Products Canada
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