Production Cost: 0.03 $ ~ 0.06 $/1 sq.f.

& SAMBD/SARRD Professional Series

Proven on over 80 000 000 square feet of ground and polished concrete & decorative
concrete overlays across the United States, Canada, Asia Pacific, New Zealand and Europe

Lowest Production Cost ~ Guaranteed Performance & Results ~ Highest working life-span ratio on the marketplace

Field-experienced Sales & Technical Support ~ Warehouses in Atlanta GA & Detroit MI, USA and Montreal QC, Canada

Full Concept Advanced Diamond System for mechanical polishing of Concrete and Decorative Concrete Overlays -
From rough grinding, heavy stock and deep scratch-mark removal & leveling through honing and polishing to a
high gloss natural finish commonly observed on factory polished Granite & Marble. For dry and wet use with
HTC Dianova, La Genovese, Klindex & Cimex, auto-scrubbers and any single brush rotary floor machine.


Concrete Countertops


Surface Preparation -

Rough Grinding and Leveling,
Epoxy, Coatings, Paint and
Adhesives Removal


Galvanicca -

Swimming Pool,
Cement & Plaster

Direct Sales
Toll-Free 1.888.673.2222
US-wide and Canada

Concrete Polishing System
Reliable, Cost-efficient Diamond Tooling - Direct


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