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Grind #50, #70, #120

Hone #220, #400, #600

Polish FGS Flex #800+

Wet & Dry Use

Herramientas diamantadas
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Utensili Diamantati Speciali
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Specialty Diamond Tools
Stone & Concrete



Stone Solutions

Electroface Dia-discs
Ultra-Hone Industrial Diamond Superabrasive Tools

Advanced (nickel catalyst) dia-superabrasive discs
especially engineered & designed with fully exposed,
extra-high strength precision graded diamond matrix
for continuous grinding action, heavy stock removal
and aggressive & rapid honing of all soft and porous
Marble stones, Limestone and Travertine.

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Advanced Diamond Tools
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Velcro backed (hook & loop). Rigid, Flex & X-Flex
type. Floor and Counter & Vanity tops Applications. 

Sizes: 3", 4", 5", 6", 7", 8", 10" and 12" diameter.

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Stone Fabrication I Floor Restoration I Home Page I SAMBD & SARRD Professional Series
I Galvanicca - Swimming Pool Restoration and Refinishing I

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Reliable, Cost-efficient Diamond Tooling - Direct

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Reliable, Cost-efficient Diamond Tooling - Direct


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