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SARRD-FGS SUPERTHICK Professional Series Resinoid Diamond Superabrasive Discs - All Surface Solutions - 16 000 sq.f. to 27 000 sq.f. working life-span
Pro-Turbo FGS Performance Resinoid - MSGRP: 16.35 $ - Discount rate of 50% to 60% OFF (Open teritories still available)
SAMBD Professional Series (Sintered Metal Bond Diamond) - X-Coarse, Coarse, Medium & Fine Grit. For continuous grinding and rapid lippage removal. Production cost less than 0,05 $ per 1 sq.f. - All Surface Solutions - the preferred choice of most Concrete and Stone Restoration contractors

- Guaranteed performance

- Highest working life-span ratio

- Low production cost
(-0.05 $/1sq.f)

- Warehouses in Chicago IL, Detroit MI
and Montreal QC

- Charge-free delivery via UPS 2nd Day
Air Service throughout North America
(Next day delivery available as well)

- All major credit cards accepted

- Business Hours -
Monday through Friday: from 8.00am to 8.00pm
on Saturday: from 9.00am to 4.00pm (EST)

- Direct Sales -
In Europe: +359.489.31681
Toll-Free: 1.888.673.2222 US-wide & Canada
Tel.: +514.576.1222 / Fax: +514.939.6016

All Stone

Concrete, Granite,
, Terrazzo

Floor Restoration -
Full Concept Advanced Diamond System
From rough grinding, heavy stock, deep
scratch mark pattern & lippage removal
through honing and polishing to a high
gloss natural factory finish.

 Advanced Diamond Tools
Dimensional Stone & Concrete Division

Direct Sales -
Toll-Free: 1.888.673.2222 USA & Canada
Industrial Diamond Superabrasive Tools

Technical Support -
Field-experienced, highly specialized in all
aspects of the Natural Stone Restoration
and Surface Preparation trade Sales and
Technical Support Team

Equipment -
Minimum Requirements:
1.2Hp / 140 to 400 RPM / 90lb+ 

Planetary head floor grinding machines
(HTC, Genovese, Klindex; Cimex machines ..)

Single brush, 'swing-arm' rotary floor
polishing machines and any allied equipment 
(Clarke, Nilfisk-Advance, Mastercraft & the like)

- Product Links & User Specs -

 Technical Notes I Diamond Grit Performance Reference Chart I End-user Manuals
Stone Fabrication I Floor Restoration I Home Page I SAMBD & SARRD Professional Series
Swimming Pool Refinishing I Galvanicca Electroface Dia-discs I Vanity-top Restoration

[Select the floor application of your choice or contact us directly for complete specification]
Reliable, Cost-efficient Diamond Tooling - Direct

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 Diamond Tool Products Canada - Direct
Tel.: (514) 576-1222 | E-mail: diapro@bellnet.ca | Fax: (514) 939-6016

Call Toll-Free 1.888.673.2222 USA & Canada
Reliable, Cost-efficient Diamond Tooling - Direct

 In the Montreal area - Tel.: (514) 344-9777 / On-Line: www.pro-stonecare.com

* - Featured products: Pro-Turbo FGS and SAMBD & SARRD SUPERTHICK Professional Series
Industrial Diamond Superabrasive Tools - LR ISO 9001 Certified UKAS 001


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