FGS Dia-superabrasives
Advanced Diamond Tools - Dimensional Stone Division

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Floor Restoration

planetary head floor grinder

From rough grinding & lippage removal, through
honing and polishing to a high gloss natural finish

High Gloss

Concrete, Granite, Marble, Terrazzo Applications

Factory Finish



FGS/RRD Diamond Grit
Performance Reference Chart


Gloss: 90+ Units
Semi-dry Use




Gloss: 58 ...76 Units
Wet Use




Gloss: 31 ...46 Units
Wet Use




Granite and Marble counter top applications

Gloss: -1 ...17 Units
Wet Use

wet hand grinder

Edge profiles - shaping, grinding, honing and
polishing to a high gloss factory finish

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Toll-Free 1-888-673-2222 USA & Canada
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FGS Diamant

FGS Dia-superabrasive Series
Reliable, Cost-efficient Diamond Tooling - Direct

Multiple Solutions -





Bullnose/Pie Frankfurt
FRN Frankfurt

SAMBD/SARRD - Advanced Sintered Metal Bond and SUPERTHICK Performance Resinoid Dia-superabrasives - Enter Here!
Professional Series

BRD & Galvanicca




Turbo RRD
Turbo RRD

Available in 2"/50mm to 9"/220mm diameter,
Prices start at 4.75 USD (5.60 EURO, VAT excl.)

See the Price List Section for more details or call Toll-Free 1-888-673-2222

Industrial Diamond Tools - UNI / ISO 9000, 9001, 9002 Certified
Floor Restoration & Surface Preparation
Guaranteed Performance - Low Cost - Highest Production Rate - All Stone Solutions

For use with HTC Dianova, La Genovese (Menghini & Bonfanti), Jany-Jack,
Klindex and any other professional planetary head floor grinder, Cimex floor
machines, 'Walk-behind' floor machines and any 'swing-arm', single brush
floor polishing machine and other allied floor restoration equipment

Diamond Tool Products CND -
Advanced Diamond Tools - Dimensional Stone Restoration & Fabrication
(Private Label / Custom made diamond tooling available at no additional charge)

Sintered Metal Bond, Vacuum Brazed, Electroplated & Ceramic-resinoid Bond
Floor refinishing and Edge polishing Diamond superabrasive discs,
Pie & Bullnose, Frankfurt type and Flexible Dia-pads.

We Guarantee the performance of the FGS/RRD Professional Series
Diamond superabrasives on any Concrete, Granite, Marble or
Terrazzo floor restoration and edge polishing application,
If you do not skip any grit steps!

SAMBD/SARRD Professional Series
Enter here for more info on SAMBD Metal Bond & SARRD SUPERTHICK Dia-discs

Please select the floor application of your choice or contact us directly -
Average cost per 1 sq.f. - 0.07 $ / 1 sq.m - 0.69 $ (Based on the average End-user prices)

.Diamond Tool Products Canada - Direct

Tel.: (514) 576-1222 | Email: diapro@bellnet.ca | Fax: (514) 939-6016
Diapro-Canada fully guarantee all diamond superabrasive tooling
against defects, or non-performance!

Diamond Tools

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Pro Turbo
Pro Turbo FGS Line
3"/76mm diameter - SGRP 16.35 $ each

Wholesale - Open territories available,
Discount Rate of 50% to 60% OFF the SGRP,
for more info call Toll-Free 1-888-673-2222

5mm high diamond multi-segmented
turbo working pattern with 45 degrees eased,
beveled edge and wide water channels for
rapid excess material removal.

Field experienced, specialized in restoration Sales and Technical Support Staff
Call Toll-Free 1-888-673-2222 - USA & Canada

-Coast to Coast-

Reliable, Cost-efficient Diamond Tool Products - Direct

Guaranteed Free Delivery via UPS 2nd Day Air throughout Canada and the US
All major credit cards accepted - courtesy of Moneris Solutions and Royal Bank of Canada & Banque de Montreal

Diamond Tool Products Canada - Direct

Concrete Polishing System

FGS Tech-Notes I Fabrication I Price List I Restoration II I End-user Manuals
Klindex System - All Stone Solutions - Planetary Head Floor Machines
I Galvanicca - Electroface Ultra-Hone Dia-superabrasive Discs I
I Floor Restoration & Surface Preparation I

In the Montreal area -
Tel.: (514) 344-9777 / On-Line: www.pro-stonecare.com

Advanced Diamond Tools

The gloss measures shown above were done using Alpha Professional/Sanwa Kenma IG-330
Gloss Checker. Evaluation tests completed on Concrete, South African Black Granite, Thassos
White Marble & green Terrazzo (Portland cement matrix) using professional planetary head
floor grinder at an average speed of 640 RPM and 44lb/20kg pressure per diamond disc.
Guaranteed Performance - Low Cost - High Production Rate - All Stone Solutions

If you are using standard, 'swing-arm' rotary floor polisher you may need to take an
extra step and further polish the surface using quality abrasive polishing compound.

For more detailed info please review the Tech-Notes & End-user Manuals Sections.
From rough grinding and lippage removal through honing and polishing to a high gloss natural finish

Reliable, Cost-efficient Diamond Tooling

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